VRM lookup API for DVLA
and DVSA vehicle data

Add tax, MOT history and
vehicle data to your app
website or web service


DVLA tax, MOT & vehicle data
with full DVSA MOT history

We service millions of VRM lookups
for UK businesses every month

Developer API Screenshot showing JSON vehicle details response

Simple Web Service (JSON)

Perform a standard HTTP GET request and receive your vehicle data in a simple to consume JSON response

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Scalable and Resilient

Our servers are load-balanced, auto scaled on demand and spread across multiple availability zones

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Flexible Pricing

Heavy, light and custom usage plans are available with analytics of your usage

API Pricing

No minimum contract, pay as you go
Minimum service charge for less than 2,000 lookups
Discounts for new businesses & startups

DVLA Tax & MOT Data

The DVLA tax & MOT API provides basic vehicle data,
full DVSA MOT history and DVLA MOT & tax data

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VRM Lookups Per Month (up to) Cost Per Lookup (pence)
2,000 2.5p
10,000 1p
20,000 0.95p
30,000 0.83p
40,000 0.75p
50,000 0.7p
60,000 0.67p
70,000 0.64p
80,000 0.63p
90,000 0.61p
100,000 0.6p
200,000 0.58p
300,000 0.53p
400,000 0.5p
500,000 0.48p
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(all prices subject to VAT)

Extended Vehicle Data

The extended vehicle data API provides additional data for a vehicle
such as the BHP, VIN, trim, gearbox type, body type and more

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VRM Lookups Per Month (up to) Cost Per Lookup (pence)
2,000 8p
10,000 7.5p
20,000 7p
30,000 6.5p
40,000 6p
50,000 5.5p
60,000 5p
70,000 4.5p
80,000 4p
90,000 3.7p
100,000 3.5p
200,000 2.5p
300,000 2.4p
400,000 2.3p
500,000 2p
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(all prices subject to VAT)

Provenance Data

The provenance data API provides vehicle history data such as
stolen, written off, plate / colour changes, scrapped and more

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Cost Per Lookup (£)
(all prices subject to VAT)

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